Britney’s “Break The Ice” recieves positive reviews

Britney SpearsCritical response to “Break the Ice” has been positive. Much like “Gimme More” and “Piece of Me“, “Break the Ice” received rave reviews from music critics and this song is highly recommended.

Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times found the track “nearly as good” describing it as a “rave-inspired flirtation.” All Music Guide’s Stephen Thomas Erlewine referred to the song as a “stuttering electro-clip.” Darryl Sterdan noted in Canadian-based website “…she [Spears] brought a choir and one of Madonna’s old synth-pop leftovers with her.

Tom Ewing of Pitchfork Media concluded that the track is the “most individual of Britney records” and that “her constant surrender of identity from track to track comes over as a tactic to make individual songs more disorienting and thrilling.

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