TIP only has around a month to go before he heads to prison to serve a one year bid behind bars but that isn’t stopping him from making moves. Recently T.I. talked about his follow up to his already platinum-plus Paper Trail, telling MTV that he has already recorded around 20 songs for it, half of which he did from memory. “I’m doing it half and half,” TIP says, “It depends on the type of record I’m doing. I have records now I did and I just went and did it like I used to, and I got some where I wrote it down. I’m not committing myself to one way or another. It’d have to be an infusion, just depending on what sort of album I want to make.”

T.I. went on to talk about recording saying it isn’t a big deal. “Recording is never a problem for me,” he added. “I’m able to record any time. Through the best of times and through the worst of times, I’m still able to record. It may change the sort of song you do, but you never can tell. You never know until that moment gets there.”

In related news, T.I. will be re-releasing “Paper Trail” with five new songs as well as other extra content.

T.I. Talks About His New Solo Album Before Heading To Prison